About Betsy

For over 29 years, Betsy Pesek has perfected her Layered Imagery technique having created more than 800 custom pieces. She has brought to life numerous portraits of subjects including old masters, family portraits, celebrities, sports figures, musicians, yachts, horses, cats and dogs.

Warner Brothers commissioned Betsy to create original collective portraits of their characters (such as Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner) for several years. During that time, Betsy was the top selling artist in the Warner Brothers Studio Stores.

She has also created commissioned art for The Walt Disney Corporation. Betsy’s original art is held by many private collectors and galleries in the United States and Europe.

A major influence on Betsy’s technique was renowned artist, David Hockney and his photo montages. Betsy was also influenced by Pablo Picasso, who’s paintings reflected many different sides of the same person.


Dog Eyes Series Original artwork and Limited Edition Giclee prints are available for purchase.

PBS Interview with Betsy