About Dog Eyes

One day while walking my dog, I started to notice that while outside, I’m certainly not as interesting to him as the things he sees and smells from his own level.  I need to stop for him every few feet for a good smell or sight of something enticing.  Then he moves on until the next attraction.  

Of course, there are other irresistible things he sees outside, like a scampering squirrel or rabbit, or another dog across the street inviting him to join the chase.  

It made me consider: what is a dog seeing through his eyes? Anyone who has befriended a dog understands that a dog’s eyes are the window to his soul and personality. There’s no doubt that dogs are bonded to their human companions and are filled with joy each time they see us coming.

When you walk into your house after your dog has been home alone, you’re the best thing he has ever seen. Your mood is elevated as he greets you with happy barks and licks, rolling onto his back for a good belly rub.  At the moment you and only you, are what is reflected in your Dog’s Eyes!

What do your dog’s eyes say to you? And what do your dog’s eyes see?

Lola Sitting under her Portrait