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Buddy and Honey

“Years ago, when mourning the loss of our Labrador, Luke, I was scrolling the internet and found Buddy staring back at me. His soulful, intense eyes simply would not let me go! I could tell he would have the sweetest personality. Every day for weeks I returned to the breeder’s website and stared into his eyes until I finally had to have him in my life. I drove across Florida to his wonderful breeder and brought him home. He is like a cuddly little bear and just as sweet as we expected. My husband and I couldn’t be happier to have Buddy in our lives.

Maybe it sounds like an odd coincidence, but years later our other dog, Honey, also won me over with her eyes. The breeder had sent me a picture of her newborn litter and, among all the other puppies, Honey drew me in with these intense, determined eyes —even though she was only a few weeks old! I knew right away that she was my puppy.

The breeder continued to send me photos as the puppies grew. I just stared back at Honey and sent messages out to the universe that she would be my baby. We I had last pick of the litter so I didn’t think there was a chance that Honey would still be available. Luckily when we arrived, there she was! All alone in her pen. I wrote that check, grabbed her and hauled out of there before anything could change. Honey is just as much of a fireball as her eyes had revealed and is constantly entertaining us with her determined personality. Honey is now 6 yrs old, and to this day people are drawn to those intense, dark and knowing eyes.”